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         Any Make   Any Model    Any Repair   Done Right          
Standing Behind 40 Years of Quality Craftsmanship 
Find us conveniently located off of I35 North on the service road just past the Valley View exit.

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Why We’re Unique

You're a busy person-- don't let car problems slow you down.  We know there are a wide variety of issues that can occur with vehicle repair and that you have the right to choose where repairs are made.

We're grateful that for 40 years, many of you have chosen us.  We want to solve your collision, hail and mechanical damages.  We will gladly handle insurance claims, send a tow truck and even a rental car, if you need it.  We have the proper equipment, the trained staff, and the experience and knowledge to bring your vehicle to pre-collision condition quickly and professionally.  We will not compromise our quality or your safety.

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First, are you okay?  Are your passengers okay?  Is there anyone hurt in the other vehicle(s)?  If help is needed, call 911!


If everyone is okay and the vehicle is drivable, make sure everyone gets off of the main roadway, out of traffic and in a safe spot .  Next, exchange information with the other driver(s).   The police will usually only come out if there is an injury or if the vehicles are not drivable.  Never drive an automobile that is damaged.


Next, give us a call.  We'll help with insurance, a tow truck and even a ride.  Not all shops offer warranties.  Although we are a preferred provider for several insurance companies, you can chose any shop you like.  Also, you do not have to have more than one estimate or accept the first appraisal of damage.

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Family owned and operated since 1979, the Bergman family strives to provide the kind of service that we expect when we're the customer. 

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We understand the headache and stress and we're in the business of serving our clients.  We service domestic and foreign model vehicles and return them to pre-collision condition to keep you and yours safe and sound.  Our technicians are professional craftsmen who are trained and certified and take great pride in what they do.This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

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We will  write a thorough visual damage report with a list of parts and the work required to bring your vehicle to pre-collision condition.  However, damage is often hidden behind what one can see on the outside.  This will often require a supplemental estimate to the insurance company.  We will be happy to take care of all the insurance issues  for you.  Call us for advice before you sign anything, okay?



We pay special attention to texture, gloss and hue, and work hard to match factory finishes.  We proudly use  PPG Paint.



All those little dings and dents doing a disservice to your ride?  Sometimes those hail dings and even small dents can be repaired through a simple yet expert process that doesn't require repainting.  PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) depends on the amount and type of impact and the area that has been hit.  Call for an appointment  for an estimate to get your vehicle back to it's true shape in a budget friendly way.

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Making your vehicle work harder will shorten its life.   Keeping one of the biggest investments you'll ever make running strong and looking great is easier than you think.  Let us keep up with your maintenance schedule reminding you to bring it in regularly as we change the oil, replace the wiper blades and rotate the tires.By the way, have you winterized your vehicle yet? 30 minutes to an hour with appointment.



Also called, “pulling”, we've got a top notch machine that performs state of the art measurements so our top notch technicians can have your car back in the fast lane as soon as possible.



Being unable to see in the dark is a driving hazard.  It's also better if other drivers can see you clearly.  Let us restore the headlights on your vehicle to keep everyone safe.



Roll off our lot feeling like you have a brand new ride after we clean and polish the inside and outside of your vehicle. 



Call for a quote.  We can usually fit you in on the same day or the next.  Also, when you drop off your vehicle, you might want us to restore the headlights and detail it, too.


Bergman Collision appreciates the confidence you have placed in us and do offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  We are dedicated to our craft simply because we love what we do. 
We care about our community and have made this our home for 40 years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our professionals.  Satisfying customers is the most important thing we can do.


Phil and Linda Bergman met in a church singles group while on a trip to
Hawaii 38 years ago. They raised four children in North Texas and are
proud grandparents now. They still believe in God, hard work and each
Linda is a trusted psychologist who spends her days helping children in
a busy practice.
Phil established Bergman Paint and Body in 1979 while attending UTA
working toward an engineering degree. With a growing family, he
decided he loved cars more than engineering. He hired others who
loved the work they did, too. The rest is history.
My First Car

Phil Bergman

“I earned my driver license the summer after 10

th grade. I was the
youngest in my class because my birthday was in the summer.
Dad and Mom had purchased a 1963 Sport Fury Convertible for her to
drive. When it overheated a few years later, she decided she wanted a
new car. My chance had come!
With the money I earned at my first job at WoolCo, I rebuilt the engine,
buying my first set of tools in the process. I even exchanged the engine
for a 340 out of a Plymouth Duster. I painted it lime green which was
really cool at the time!
Unfortunately, someone else thought it was pretty cool, too and they
stole it!
My grandfather then loaned me money to buy a 1970 AAR Cuda that
had been a demo car at Garland Chrysler Plymouth. It had 3,000 miles
on it and the plate read MMK-693.

When the police recovered the Fury, my younger brother bought it from
me for the low, low price of $200 considering all I'd put into it. Now, we
both had sweet rides.”
Wreck, Collision, Accident? All I Know Is that I Had To Fix It!

Phil Bergman
“My first wreck was in my mom's 1965 New Yorker Station Wagon. I
learned all about hydroplaning as I punched it going around the corner
in the rain. I hit a 35 MPH sign and slid around sideways. I did quite a
job on the right rear quarter panel.
After the repair, it looked like I'd painted over a sack of potatoes. I've
gotten much better...”

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Still believe in Service! Willingness to stand behind their work.


2316 Havenhurst St, Farmers Branch, TX 75234, USA

(972) 247-0925

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